Business Management and Tax Preparation Services

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Remote TAX Preparation- Do NOT Schedule an appointment Click here


Tax Preparation - Business

Tax Preparation - Business;

If you are a Sole Proprietor, DO NOT schedule a Business Appointment schedule an Individual Tax Preparation Appointment.

ONLY One (1) Business per appointment. Multiple Businesses may require multiple appointments.

(2 hours)

Tax Preparation - Personal / Indidvidual

Tax Preparation - Personal / Indidvidual;

PERSONAL/INDIVIDUAL tax return; Federal Form 1040 and Applicable State Form(s).

REMOTE Tax Preparation do NOT schedule an appointment. Click Here

ONLY One (1) person per appointment, unless filing a married joint tax return.

(1 hour)

Business Services - Consultation

Business Services - Consultation;

Want to see how DSB Solutions can help you? Ready to move forward? DSB Solutions will conduct a telephone assessment and answer any tax/business questions you have. GOAL: The Client will receive a proposal for services and decide if moving forward with DSB Solutions’ services is ideal or not.

REMOTE ONLY. Face-to-Face available for an additional fee.

Not ready? Have a question about our services? Email with the Subject: Quick Question - Thinking about using your services and someone will reply within 24-72 business hours.

(30 minutes)
$ 50.00

Business Services - Current Clients ONLY

Business Services - Current Clients ONLY;

Schedule time with your consultant to ask a question or request a meeting outside of the “normal” contractual arrangements.

REMOTE ONLY unless otherwise requested and/or specified within the signed agreement.

(1 hour)