Tax (Live Tax Preparation) ~ $50 is a deposit

Tax (Live Tax Preparation) ~ $50 is a deposit;

By scheduling a Live Tax Preparation appointment, you can see your Tax Preparer on Zoom!

The client MUST submit documentation 48 business hours (2 days) before the scheduled appointment. By the end of the meeting, your taxes will be ready to be filed electronically! Failure to submit documentation may result in an appointment rescheduling or preparation delays.

$50 is a deposit AND secures your appointment; it is non-refundable and deducted from the total tax prep fee. The Client is ALLOWED one reschedule

THIS TYPE of APPOINTMENT IS NOT FOR all types of BUSINESS RETURNS. Business Returns depending on complexity, can take more time.

Duration: 1 hour

Price: $ 50.00

Tax (Remote Tax Preparation) ~ $25 deposit

Tax (Remote Tax Preparation) ~ $25 deposit;

You secure your spot on our schedule by scheduling a Remote Tax Preparation appointment.

Please send documentation within 24 hours of the secured date.

Once we receive and review your documents, we will start preparing your tax return. We will contact you via email with any questions we may have.

After completing the return, we will inform you of your results via email and the balance due for tax preparation services.

If you need to contact us at any time during this process, please email, Call (708) 357-0511, Text (708) 381-0422, or Visit

Duration: 15 minutes

Price: $ 25.00

ASK DSB Solutions (About YOUR Business)

ASK DSB Solutions (About YOUR Business);

Do you have a QUESTION about your business, finances, or taxes?

Get the undivided attention of a DSB Solutions Consultant. You will leave this call with questions answered and recommendations for moving forward. To make the best use of time, be sure to come up with a list of questions before your appointment. This is your time to speak with our experts!

You can always send questions to for FREE. We will respond to inquiries in order of receipt and DO NOT guarantee a response. No refunds.

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: $ 75.00

ASK DSB Solutions (About OUR Services)

ASK DSB Solutions (About OUR Services);

Do you need help? Want to learn more about our services?

Take a look at our schedule - and schedule a time to chat. During this call, you cannot ask questions specific to your business; however, you can share what you do and ask ANY QUESTION you may have about DSB Solutions.

Duration: 15 minutes

Business Consultation (POWER HOUR)

Business Consultation (POWER HOUR);

Do you need help? DSB Solutions is here to serve.

Let us see how we can help. POWER HOUR Consultation includes a Client Assessment.

This appointment type also allows the client to ask questions about current business challenges, goals, and ideas. We can have a brainstorming session, and DSB Solutions will provide advisory services to clients.

During the Assessment, DSB Solutions will ask questions to see how we can better serve our client.

We provide specialized packages within the proposal based on the client’s assessed needs and requested services.

If the consultation leads to a signed proposal/agreement, $100 will be credited to the client’s account. No refunds.

Interested in Fiscal Management Services, Advisory Services, Administrative Services, Compliance Services, or Training? SCHEDULE a Business Consultation.

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Price: $ 150.00

DSB Solutions (Meet with MY DSB Consultant)

DSB Solutions (Meet with MY DSB Consultant);

Please select this appointment type if you need to meet with your DSB Solutions consultant outside of the regularly scheduled meeting time.

Duration: 1 hour

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